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Talent & Performance

Creating a non-replicable competitive advantage by strengthening your talent

The only organizations that will sustain and strive will be “Learning Organizations”. Every aspect of organizational life-cycle requires both organization as well as the individuals to the world in a new light and act appropriately. And this requires constant learning and constant unlearning.

No wonder, many organizations are adopting Learnability metrics and recruiting and promoting employees based on their learnability.


If you ask any CEO today, they would say that Talent is their most precious resource and Talent development will invariably be one of their top-3 agenda items.


However, many organizations have their learning budgets wrongly spent without much of an ROI. Most learning programs are one-size-fits-all. They are not tailored to take address individuality. They are not configured to align with organizational needs.


Most important, the learning programs are not structured and delivered for application and long-term retention. After all, numerous studies have shown that retention rates after 30 days is about 20%.

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Did you know

Working with our clients, we have successfully addressed most of the above issues through a structured and objective intervention programs comprising of:


Immersive Assessments: Assessments of managers and leaders for identified capabilities and competencies using a multi-dimensional and multi-modal that is holistic in nature.


Leadership Transformation: Comprehensive Talent Transformation programs addressing specific capabilities that are configured and aligned to your strategic goals.


Mindset Change: Collaborative mindset change though effective nudges that are specific, targeted and fit-for-purpose for your unique business, organizational and cultural needs & context, leveraging our organizational behaviour and cultural change expertise to help organizations put in place.


Consultative Coaching: Coaching to remove impediments and help navigate roadblocks in application and retention of program knowledge. We adopt Consultative Coaching that is tuned to the individual capacity.

Reach out to us to know more about how we can help build a sustainable non-replicable competitive advantage by enhancing the business and leadership skills of your talent.

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