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Organization Design & Culture

building purposeful human-centric organizations

So, what’s breakfast? Strategy!!

Many good strategies fail when culture is not addressed. Culture fails when the Organization is not designed right.


With so much dependency on culture, transforming an organization needs the right OPTICS.

OPTICS & Butterfly

Organization Design

Effilor’s OPTICS framework embraces the first principles of progressive organizations that seek to create a high-performance culture but remain highly people oriented.

Our services include:

  • Designing of Target Org Model and approach to move to the Target Org Model

  • Defining KPIs and KRAs for each component of the Target Org Model

  • Role to Talent Mapping

  • Building interfaces across functions/departments and simplification of designations

Organization: Shake legacy and build a structure that aligns to organizational strategy and goals. Cut-down on layers to bring autonomy and accountability with everyone in the organization

Processes: Redefining business processes and aligning it to value creation map as a foundation for defining roles and responsibilities


Talent: Objective assessment of capabilities with respect to roles and responsibilities would help ensure ”best person for the job” and assessment of the gap to target


Interfaces: Define clear interfaces between functions/departments, business units to drive alignment, encourage collaboration, and build outside-in perspective across team members


Culture: To drive culture of ownership, design the governance system to put emphasis on outcome over output or efforts


Systems: Clearly defined KRAs at team level to bring clarity on how individuals’ impact org level KPIs and in turn drive accountability to organizational success at all levels

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Creating a Performance + People Oriented Culture

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Our proprietary framework based on the Butterfly effect concept, wherein we help our clients effect small behavioral nudges that lead to significant business impacts & results 

1. PURPOSE - Aligning the organization's purpose with that of it's employees to inculcate a sense of organizational pride

2. GROWTH MINDSET - Seeking out challenges that drive you to excel and being open-minded to different perspectives

3. AUTHENTICITY - Being yourself and able to show vulnerability without fear or prejudice in order to grow and excel

4. AUTONOMY - Trusting and empowering employees and allowing them freedom to work and express themselves

5. CURIOSITY - Exploring and broadening horizons to improve and enhance and solve problems

6. LEARNABILITY - Being open to learn and grow and having the open attitude to unlearn and admit mistakes

We work closely with organizations to help them re-focus, re-align and re-energize their organizational practices and approaches with the intended business goals and objectives.

Leveraging the butterfly framework, our services to transform organizational culture include:

  • Defining Values and Turning Values to Behaviours

  • Culture assessments

  • Developing Toolkits to propagate desired culture

  • Increasing Agility and Responsiveness

  • Enhancing Organizational Affinity and Pride

  • Facilitation and Coaching

We help you create pathways on how leaders lead on strategy formulation, culture transformation, leadership grooming, talent and performance enhancement.

For assistance with Organization Design or Culture Enablement, please feel free to reach us at

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