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Organization & Culture

helping build a sustainable non-replicable competitive advantage

Sustainability and a non-replicable competitive advantage comes from having a healthy, energized and well-balanced organizational culture. But the ever elusive question is HOW?

We have been doing some extensive research in exploring how an organization aligns and achieves the right balance between it's business as well as the behavioral imperatives especially in the digital era.


Our findings led to the development of a multifaceted people-centric model that encompasses the following 6 key focus areas:


1. PURPOSE - Aligning the organization's purpose with that of it's employees to inculcate a sense of organizational pride

2. GROWTH MINDSET - Seeking out challenges that drive you to excel and being open-minded to different perspectives

3. AUTHENTICITY - Being yourself and able to show vulnerability without fear or prejudice in order to grow and excel

4. AUTONOMY - Trusting and empowering employees and allowing them freedom to work and express themselves

5. CURIOSITY - Exploring and broadening horizons to improve and enhance and solve problems

6. LEARNABILITY - Being open to learn and grow and having the open attitude to unlearn and admit mistakes

Butterfly - wix.jpg

Our proprietary framework based on the Butterfly effect concept, wherein we help our clients effect small behavioral nudges that lead to significant business impacts & results 

Building purposeful human-centric organizations at work

We work closely with organizations to help them re-focus, re-align and re-energize their organizational practices and approaches with the intended business goals and objectives.

We help them not only chart their overall journey but also help them solve specific point problems. Some of the typical challenges that we solve include:

  • Translating Values in Action and Performance

  • Developing a Digital Mindset to ensure success in the Digital Transformation journey

  • Increasing the Agility & Responsiveness  

  • Enhancing Organizational Affinity & Pride in the Organization

  • Inculcating an Innovative Mindset

As organization’s chart their course into the vast ocean of opportunity & growth, taking the analogy of a journey to a successful voyage, here are some of the key elements:

  • Business goals provide the direction,

  • Strategy is the map,

  • Organization structure is the ship, and

  • Values & beliefs are the compass.


The way the people interpret the organizational map, understand the course, leverage the ship and their proficiency in reading the compass will determine if the journey is smooth or bumpy. And to top it off, the approach & attitude of people working together determines if the organizational ride is enjoyable or if they are pushing against the tide.

Sailing Rope
Calm Sea
Image by Joseph Barrientos
Image by Austin Neill

We are also partners with the Semco Style Institute, India and leverage their model to build high performing self managed teams and 'make work awesome'.

Reach out to us to know more about how we can help build a sustainable non-replicable competitive advantage through  purposeful human-centric organizations to drive high performance and business growth.

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