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Middle Management Transformation for a large IT Services company

Image by Adeolu Eletu

The client is a billion dollar IT/ITeS services company headquartered in India and having operations across the globe

Key Challenge

The company ownership has changed hands to a new PE investor who is pushing for aggressive growth plans not seen before in the history of the organization. A re-org was done to push the agenda for fast growth among the senior leadership team and middle management layer. The PE investor is looking for another billion dollars in revenue in the next 3 years

Client Need

Transform the middle management layer to think big and encourage them to think like a tier 1 player

Target audience is Account Managers, Client Partners and Delivery Leaders across the globe

Drive behaviour changes in the middle management to significantly increase their ability to drive results, deepen customer centricity and develop teams



Effilor's Solution

  • Standardise how leaders lead – Through a curated set of frameworks – Effilor’s as well as from 3rd parties – an enablement program was designed to bring consistency in the way mid-mgmt show leadership thought process in front of clients and within the organization

  • Focus on “How” – A structured set of toolkits to drive behaviours were developed for mid-mgmt leaders to use with a strong focus on implementation effectiveness

  • Address forgetting curve – Through a consultative coaching process, the mid mgmt. leaders were supported to imbibe the learnings into their daily work

  • Recommendations to institutionalise – A comprehensive set of suggestions were provided to institutionalise the toolkits into existing systems and practices

Client Impact

  • Perception change in clients to consider the company for large deals

  • Sales team consultatively co-creates large deals with client senior management

  • Ability to mine existing accounts and win more business

  • Higher team output and reduced attrition

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