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Growth Mindset Coaching of senior Leaders to drive higher levels of performance

Image by Sebastian Herrmann

The client is a boutique IT services provider who was growing at a rapid pace. They were looking to enable their corporate functions to be more result oriented to help the growth journey.

Key Challenges

The client’s Corporate functions had home grown leaders and they were looking to enable the leaders in the following areas :

  • Functional Capability

  • Leadership Skills

  • Ownership

  • Result Orientation

Our Approach

Effilor engaged with the Leaders and charted a customized plan to help them develop into high performing individuals with a structured intervention plan :

  • A dip-stick survey with key business leaders followed by self assessment survey

  • Reached Common Ground on expectations and created a Development Plan for each Leader

  • The Leaders were coached to prepare an action plan along with KRAs to track progress

  • Helped them with tools and techniques to manage their time better and develop growth mindset

  • Prepare a sustainable implementation plan and gain commitment to action


Effilor's Impact

​The leaders saw significant improvement in collaboration and networking. By applying the recommended tools, they created time for themselves to think strategically resulting in new initiatives being implemented to drive organizational growth. They also prepared a plan to sustain the behavioral changes to demonstrate results

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