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High-touch, personalised Digital Learning Interventions 

Our Impact

As organizations seek to build competitive advantage, Learning has emerged as one of the key factors driving competitive advantage.  


However, traditional models of learning have not been effective as the retention levels are low and application levels even lower. With the advent of digital learning models, the problem has only exacerbated.

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Did you know:


At Effilor, we have been leveraging the Phygital model that is high-touch, individual coaching powered and sharply focused on applicability on the job for each participant.

We have now enhanced the model so that it can also be delivered in a completely Digital online model that still high-touch, individual focused and highly engaging.

Check out some of the success stories in helping clients enhance the capabilities & performance of their leadership Talent.

We focus on enhancing the capabilities driving business growth, organizational performance and innovation. We typically engage with high potentials, emerging as well as established leaders and senior consultants of the organizations.

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Reach out to us to know more about how we can help enhance the Talent & Performance of your leaders and build a Learning Organization.

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