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Mindset change from service-centric to solution-centric

Image by Ales Nesetril

The client is one of the mid-tier IT services and solutions company. They had been very successful by changing their business model from Services to Solutions. As they have moved further from Services to Solutions, the leadership required re-emphasis on key skills around Solutioning and mindset change to Solution Centricity.

Key Challenge

The challenges faced by the client were:

  • The Services mindset was entrenched in the culture

  • There was a mix of leaders from different companies and culture having differing ideas about the way-forward

  • The mindset required to be changed while the business was growing and had to be delivered – classic case of changing the wheels of a running car.

Our Approach

Given that this need required a big cultural shift required, Effilor’s Solution Approach was to take a holistic approach to ensure stickiness. Effilor suggested a 3-phased approach:

  • Knowing the organization

  • Focused Development addressing:

    • Left Brain thinking as well as

    • Right Brain thinking

  • Coaching & Feedback

Effilor's Solution

Effilor was able to measure the impact objectively through KPIs and feedback. The impact was seen in:

  • Highly improved Collaboration

  • Increased Client satisfaction

  • Focused Solutioning with Customer Centricity

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