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Fast paced emerging Pharma company achieves enhanced organizational affinity

Medicine Prescription

Our client was looking to enhance their overall Business Performance and Productivity. They wanted to operate like a start-up but with the experience of a well established organization. They had hired senior sales consultants from well-established and large companies and were having a challenge in building organizational affinity with these sales leaders.

Key Challenge

To build the culture and discipline of their Sales Organization to:

  • To improve Collaboration and Organizational Agility

  • To increase the Responsiveness and Sense of Urgency

  • To enhance the Pride in the Organization

Our Approach

  • We took a very inclusive approach to influence and change the culture and behaviors of the Sales team. The approach we followed included:

  • Upfront identification of Change Champions from the Sales teams, assign cross-functional teams and task them with ideation amongst the organization to come up with ways to address the current challenges.

  • Focus was on getting their buy-in and ownership to the ideas and thereby reduce their resistance to change.

  • Leadership buy-in, support and drive through regular communication & governance meetings with the team.

  • Converted the subjective cultural measures into objective measures aligned with their Business imperatives.

  • Creation of templates and giving them tools to plan, execute, monitor and assess progress of each focus area.

  • Creating the Cultural DNA pocket guide detailing R&R, metrics, behaviors and guiding principles.


Effilor's Solution

  • Increased sharing of insights and improved collaboration across teams leading towards a Learning Organization.

  • Increased drive to handle tough customers and turn-around accounts that are not performing well.

  • Sales people considering themselves as Brand Ambassadors thereby enhancing the company’s brand.

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