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Designing Robust Organization to Enable Growth

Image by Vishal Vasnani

The client is a leader in digital publishing services serving publishers, academia and research industry through cutting edge technology and content rendering services

Key Challenges

Organic growth on a need-basis resulted in sub-optimal performance:

  • Structures and Processes serve the need of the hour but not the expected growth

  • Various roles were fitted with people that were available at the time

  • Significant overlap between product development and customer services

Client Need

  • Design a robust organizational design and structure to create a product mindset

  • Define clear Roles and Responsibilities and career tracks

  • Identify performance metrics

Effilor's Solution

  • Robust Org design – We used our OPTICS framework to develop a robust organizational structure that would stand the test of times, removed redundancies and aligned with good industry practices

  • Roles and Responsibilities – Clear and unambiguous responsibilities were identified for each role that with key design principle of ownership and accountability. Career tracks were developed to align with the organization’s movement to product centricity.

  • Clear Competency framework – We configured our competency framework to align to the client’s organization that provided clear measurements and career tracks.

  • Individual Coaching – The key leaders were coached to align, step up and play alternate roles depending upon fitment.

Client Impact

  • Clarity of roles and clearly identified succession plans

  • Improved accountability and ownership in leaders and teams.

  • Throughput increased by 15%

  • Collaboration, Trust and innovation showed marked improvement

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