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Building the Learnability Advantage to drive high performance and growth in the digital future

Organizations are constantly challenged to keep up with the pace of change and keep learning continually. Learnability has become the key competency that will drive growth and organizational performance in the future.   


The new Digital age has brought it speed, agility and dynamism that we have not seen before. Not only has it changed the way we do business and how services are delivered and consumed but also has had a huge impact in our 'ways of working'

From a management perspective, a workforce that can adapt to new technologies and industry standards is more likely to remain significant in their market. 

For employees, workplace learnability is a also a big challenge. Juggling the tension between the demand for the short-term efficiencies of productivity with the long-term quest for intellectual growth.

The latest edition of our webinar series on the 11th Feb'21 was focused on exactly this - “How to create a Learnability Advantage in your organization”


We had a very experienced panel who delved into unpacking the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ organizations should embrace and actively drive enhancing learnability within and across the organizations in a very lucid and compelling manner.

A very engaging & interactive session with around 80 enthusiastic practitioners tuning in & asking questions on their real-work challenges.

Image by Doran Erickson
Key takeaways from the session
Key Takeaways

Amongst the many interesting thoughts that were shared, some of the points that resonated the most were:



Learning needs to be driven as a 'core' value with strategic focus and drive. It needs to come out of the shadows of training and driven relentlessly by core business.

Focus on both the qualitative behavioral shifts (mindset change) along with building quantitative elements (processes & metrics) to drive learning effectiveness  


Look at adopting the 70-20-10 learning model -  70% learning ‘on the job’, 20% learning through interactions, 10% formal learning


Beware of the 'Forgetting Curve' i.e. we forget 75% of what we learnt in 6 days if we don't apply it. Enhance training programs with coaching & mentoring to apply learnings


Leadership should actively promote, encourage and reward learning by building an eco-system that encourages a growth mindset and having a higher tolerance for failure and risk taking.

Don’t move from L-earn to earn

Keep the ‘L’ 

Encourage, promote and reward continuous learning

Thank you panelists (Krishna Ramaswami, Prabhakar Bisen and Harini Sreenivasan) and participants for making the webinar a success.


Gives us a purpose to do more of these.

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