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How to drive a performance culture post the crisis?

Enabling performance and sustaining performance culture are a much debatable and ever-changing aspect even in the best of times. These take new meanings with new challenges in the current unprecedented crisis.

As organizations wake up to the new reality of the “Way we work”, they are learning almost daily on challenges around productivity, performance and balance; and the professionals across the world are exploring how the Performance culture will be enabled in the future.

As the events unfold, the professionals across the world are exploring how the Performance will be enabled and sustained in the #newnormal.

The latest edition of our webinar series on the 22nd May was focused on exactly this - “How to drive a culture of performance post Covid-19”


We couldn’t have asked for a more diversified and experienced panel who debated and answered some of the most pertinent questions on redefining performance parameters, equipping organizations for #newnormal and steps to enable performance culture.

A very engaging & interactive session with around 50 enthusiastic practitioners tuning in & asking questions on their real-work challenges.

Image by Doran Erickson
Key takeaways from the session
Key Takeaways

Amongst the many interesting thoughts that were shared, some of the points that resonated the most were:



There is an urgent need to re-define roles and re-align performance measures of sales functions in the new ways of working.

The culture code of the organizations will have to be re-imagined to drive growth & performance in the new ways of working.


There is immediate need to redefine KRAs and KPIs for performance that are more rolling in nature than fixed for the year


Feedback must become more often and multi-dimensional.


Extreme collaboration must be enabled and has to become a habit.

The one point that came out very loud and clear was the need to build TRUST amongst teams that can be measured and improved upon

Thank you panelists (Amarpreet Kaur AhujaBala GopalakrishnanSubrahmanya Basavanahalli) and participants for making the webinar a success.


Gives us a purpose to do more of these.

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