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Experience the Blue Ocean Shift

We work with our clients to help them grow exponentially and finding new markets using Blue Ocean


Many leading firms have grown exponentially and found new markets while making the competition irrelevant using the Blue Ocean concepts and methodologies. Using blue ocean shift, companies create new demand rather than fight over existing demand (Red Oceans).

A blue ocean shift involves moving from highly competitive crowded markets to un-explored new markets in a way that your people own and drive the process.


To successfully shift from red oceans of bloody competition to blue oceans of new market space depends on three key components:

  • having the right perspective,

  • a clear roadmap with market-creating tools, and

  • building people’s confidence at every level to drive and own the process.

Watch how Citizen M created a Blue Ocean

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All Videos

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Is Blue Ocean Shift relevant for your organization?

Blue Ocean Shift is relevant to organizations that want to disrupt and seriously differentiate themselves in an increasingly commoditized market and maintain their leadership positions.

Good news is that you don’t have to completely abandon or change your current business models. Most blue oceans are created from within a red ocean when a company alters the boundaries of an existing industry



A Blue Ocean idea that solved a customer problem and developed a set of non-customers while pivoting in the face of pandemic.

Soccer Team

Value Innovation for Indian Mkt

Philips created a product-segment from scratch that was new, identified and targeted to a whole set of non-customers in affordable care and all this at a price that created a benchmark

Image by Ricardo Rocha

Blue Ocean in Milk Shake!

CavinKare's value innovation by leveraging power of supply chain at the boundary, identifying non-customers for trials and ultimate consumers and how they created a moat.

BOCafe Webinars and Resources

Effilor Consulting Services is an Authorized Partner and a member of Blue Ocean Global Network (BOGN), a global community of practitioners. BOGN works with corporations, national governments, non-profit organizations and individuals to formulate and execute blue ocean strategies and shifts.

We work with our clients to help them grow exponentially and finding new markets using Blue Ocean concepts and methodologies

Blue Ocean Strategies are based on the seminal books “Blue Ocean Strategy” and “Blue Ocean Shift” written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

These books challenged everything there was to know about strategy and its execution.

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