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Discovering Blue Ocean opportunities by shifting focus from being product-centric to service-centric

Iron Working Tools

The client is a leading manufacturer of Personal Protection Equipment in India with a big focus on Automobile Industry

Key Challenge

The client’s growth has stagnated due to extensive focus on one industry and were exposed to the cyclical ups and downs

In addition, they faced severe competition:

  • Local vendors would offer much cheaper price points to clients

  • MNCs will offer deep discounting to gain market share

  • In many cases, sales relationships were with dealers and not the end-customers

Our Approach

Effilor conducted Blue Ocean Consulting workshops to help the client:

  • Break the value-cost trade-off to achieve value innovation

  • Shift their perspective by assessing which areas they can eliminate, reduce, raise and create to create new value for buyers

  • Draw insights from across industry boundaries that could be used to create a new offering that opened up unprecedented new demand

  • Create an approach that directly addresses needs by using the to-be strategy canvas


Effilor's Solution

Created a shift in perspective from hard selling a product to offering solutions that services client needs

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