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Workplaces of the Future

18 March 2020

By Balesh Raghurajan

Much like an architect designing your dream home with natural lighting, good cross ventilation, space management and comfort, the Organizational design needs to be looked at to support and enable growth.

When natural light enters all rooms, you leverage a source that is universally accepted and also save on expensive power utility bills. Likewise, any communication on market needs, product strategy and growth objectives should be well accepted and easily understood by all departments within the company.


Cross ventilation ensures fresh air is well circulated and also removes any bad odour in the rooms. Various departments should collaborate to ensure the air is always fresh and weed out bad odour.

Space management and Comfort are extremely important to draw the benefits of natural light and cross ventilation.


In an Organization, the structure should be simple, with an uncomplicated and action oriented pyramid. A pyramid that accumulates layers also fosters ghosts!! More importantly Employees should be treated as Adults.


A recent HBR article on Haier, a leading Chinese white goods company, gave a detailed account on how a simplified pyramid and a great culture of Intrapreneurship enabled significant growth.

Break away from force fitting staff into roles. Map roles to talent instead and ensure employees are in comfort. A periodic, say annual, review of role to talent mapping is recommended to evaluate if there are any potential misalignment.


Enabling Business Growth is not just about strengthening sales. It's about creating an organization that adapts, evolves and contributes to wellbeing of all stakeholders in the ecosystem - clients, employees, partners, suppliers and society at large.

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