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Digital Mindset transformation for an APAC Bank

Image by Dmitry Demidko

The client had embarked on journey to becoming digital and embark on “New Ways of Working & Leading”. They had been conducting a series of Agile ‘way of working’ workshops and realized that before the employees could adopt the new processes and ways of working, they needed to make a shift in their Mindset (Way of Thinking)

Key Challenge

The challenges faced by the clients included:

  • Not having a single and consistent view of ‘Being Digital’

  • Need to understand becoming digital from a holistic perspective i.e. Customer, Organization and Self

  • Understanding the change in behaviours to be successful in the ‘new ways of working’


Our Approach

We took an Organizational Change Management approach to inculcate a Digital Mindset amongst the employees/teams. Our approach included the following:

  • Employee & Organizational Insights: In order to understand the client context better and gain a perspective of the employee’s mindset, we ran an initiation workshop for all participants followed by one-on-one meetings with each of the participants.

  • Program Design:  We then customized the program based on the unique needs of the organization as well as the participants.

  • Conduct Workshops: We ran a workshop focused on not only ensuring that all participants get on the same page with respect to Digital Mindset but also understand the various perspectives required incl. Customer, Organization and Self.

  • Customized Mindset Reports:  As part of the program, we did a behavioral assessment to assess the Digital Mindset maturity of each employee

  • Organizational Readiness: Unless, the eco-system is ready, employees will not be able to make a difference. Hence, we did an organizational readiness survey with all the participants to get a perspective of their team readiness. We then assimilated the data and put together the overall dipstick assessment of organizational readiness.


Effilor's Solution

  • Single, consistent view of Digital across the organization

  • Understanding of impact of digital across Customer, Organization and Self

  • Tools and Techniques to make the mindset change from the current (traditional) way of working to the Digital Way of Working

  • Effectiveness of application of processes and practices due to a change in Mindset.

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