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Enhanced Organizational agility to fast-track Business growth

Image by Cara Fuller

Our client was a Digital Marketing company looking at aggressive growth. They had a growing list of clients but their delivery engine wasn’t able to keep up with their fast paced growth

Key Challenges

To organize their Delivery Organization for Future Growth thru:

  • Increasing throughput and reducing “time to market”

  • Re-vamping their operating model to be more agile and scalable

  • Streamlining and Standardizing their processes and practices

Our Approach

We took the Industrial Strength IT concept and re-vamped their operations through:

  • Focused on building governance mechanisms including stage gates, dashboards, revised role descriptions amongst others to provide “visibility”, “control”, “predictability” & “scalability”

  • Streamlined and Standardized their processes and helped them move from being people-centric to process-centric

  • Put in place quantitative measures to enable collection, tracking & reporting of progress & quality of the product as it passed thru the delivery chain


Effilor's Solution

  • Increased throughput of their EVA’s from 5-6 a month to 25-30 a month

  • Quicker turn around time leading to increased client satisfaction

  • Increased ability to service more clients

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