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Building an organization-wide problem solving mindset and culture

We help your employees make the shift from a mindset of

It’s always worked this way before, so why try something new?” to

 seeing challenges as catalysts of growth rather than obstacles in their path

"Effilor Consulting helped us design and execute a transformation program for shaping the Digital Mindset of our teams at ANZ, Bengaluru. This program is a key component of our Strategic Priorities. They not only focused on people interventions but also went that extra mile to help drive the need for the organizational eco-system readiness in order to reap the benefits from having a Digital Mindset. Highly recommend them."

Shanti Sharma

Head of Learning, ANZ

What are the types of mindset shifts that Effilor help achieve?

How we help

Delivery-centric to a Customer/Solution centric mindset Transformation

Driving a solution focused thinking that is thrives on:

  • thinking deeper about root causes of problems

  • taking analytical as well as creative approaches to solving problems

  • enhancing collaboration & ideation across teams

  • zooming out and focusing on the Big Picture thinking

Business Analyst to Business Consultant (BA2BC) Transformation

Helping business/system analysts develop a business consulting mindset focusing on:

  • gaining deeper customer/organizational Insights

  • hypothesis based solution thinking

  • business communication & buy-in

  • converting client issues into potential business opportunities

Success stories

Featured Impact Stories

Customer Speak

Customer Speak

"We have partnered with Effilor over the last 3 years in our efforts to transform our Business Analysts to embrace Consulting mindset. We found their interventions to be customized to our needs, well thought through and well executed with clearly measurable results."

Meera Krishnan

Vice President, SQS India BFSI Limited

"When we had to transform our analyst community, we reached out to Effilor. They had a program for exactly this purpose that they had delivered to many other clients. However, they spent time with us and the participants to clearly understand our needs and delivered a program that was customized to our needs. Their program is one of the most sought after programs at VMWare, India."

Deepa Shukla

Manager, VMWare, India

Latest Thinking

Latest Thinking
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Reach out to us to know more about how we can help build a sustainable non-replicable competitive advantage by shaping and enhancing the problem solving mindset and capabilities of your talent.

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