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Blue Ocean @Cult

14 January 2020

By Thilak Iyer

A couple of years ago, on my way to our office I noticed a new "place" opening with Hrithik Roshan coming to inaugurate. It was painted in black and I did not really comprehend what the place was.

Fast forward 2 year hence, I see a whole lot of people across age-groups signing up to this place called Cult Fitness. How come? What did they do that was so unique to get a whole generation of gym-goers and non-gym goers signing up.

When I looked closer and studied it, it is a true Blue Ocean story. I am not sure whether the founders did use the Blue Ocean, but the following features stand out that address common issues for gym-goers:

  1. Monotony: I for one has considered gym-going to be monotonous. Cult has introduced a number of diverse routines from mild yoga to intense exercise. One can sign up to any of them at any time providing high level of flexibility as well.

  2. Time limit: Most gyms have a time limit of an hour or so per day. Cult has removed the time limit. You can sign up to as many sessions as you want provided you have the stamina!

  3. Trainer: Most gyms offer trainers at a steep cost. All sessions at Cult come with a trainer though it is for a group with personal attention. Sometimes during intense routines you want to hide somewhere so that the trainer does not see you. Trainers are uniformly trained.

  4. Solo Activity: I personally prefer playing a game of badminton to running on a treadmill. Gym is often a solo activity requiring tremendous motivation to continue to turn up everyday - rain or shine. All activities at Cult are a group activity creating an intrinsic motivation.

  5. Ecosystem: Cult has also created an ecosystem of sorts with food, technology and tips/advice availability.


Over and above these, they have reduced reliance on equipment. Have I missed anything?

Blue Ocean mapping

Let me state that I am not yet a member of Cult but will be keenly watching the progress. May be become a member one of these days. Will be happy to hear from the Cult goers.

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