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Enhancing the Customer Experience to deliver better client outcomes

Customer Service

The client is a leading IT services provider whose Corporate IT function had been plagued with 'low morale of employees' and 'falling customer satisfaction levels'. They were looking to drive a mindset change within the team to become more effective and drive better outcomes to their clients.

Key Challenges

The client’s IT organization had an eclectic team that did not give a consistent experience to their internal users/sponsors.

They faced several challenges:

  • Teams worked in siloes

  • They did not have an end-to-end view of the projects

  • Deep lack of trust within the IT organization

  • Projects delivered outcomes that was very different from what was requested

  • String of delayed deliveries with no accountability

Our Approach

We took a deep dive into understanding the root causes of their behavior and put together a holistic mindset change program covering:

  • Undertook a cultural survey to bring out the unstated needs, challenges and expectations from the team

  • Based on the insights from the survey, we designed a customized program to enhance and drive higher levels of accountability & ownership, trust & collaboration and enhancing their self management abilities

  • Dedicated and focused coaching sessions were conducted to help the teams to navigate through personal and team challenges to drive the mindset change

  • Post program guidance to identify change catalysts to continue the change efforts and bring in lasting change


Effilor's Impact

  • Self awareness & acknowledgment from individual team members that ‘Change starts with me’ rather than waiting for someone else to initiate change. This led to enhanced Accountability & Ownership and we could see evidence of being more proactive & taking initiative from the team members​

  • The employees grasped the importance of relationship building with their clients and have actively started working on it. They have started fine tuning their communication based on the stakeholder’s personality profile

  • Improvement in Customer Centricity - understanding and focusing on the impact of their services on the client & their work

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