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Transforming How Leaders Lead.

The only organizations that will sustain and strive will be “Learning Organizations”. Every aspect of organizational life-cycle requires both organization as well as the individuals to the world in a new light and act appropriately. And this requires constant learning and constant unlearning.

No wonder, many organizations are adopting Learnability metrics and recruiting and promoting employees based on their learnability.

Leadership Transformation is one of the top-3 agenda items for most organizations. However, Only 1 in 3 programs meet some of the objectives of the Leadership Change initiatives. And 80% of the leaders fail to implement learnings. 

How we help
Our unique coaching-led, implementation-oriented LEAP programs for the Leaders fundamentally change the way Leaders Lead.
Over 35+ clients over the last 8 years stand testimony with over 1000 leaders transformed.

Various ways we transform #HowLeadersLead

LEAP 3.0 - Building Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is known to improve Trust and happiness in the organization enabling a highly product workplace.


Authentic Leadership is about bringing your Full Self to the workplace and enabling the Full Self of your teams.


Building Authentic Leadership is by focusing on:

  • Developing a Purpose and Leading Self

  • Developing Authenticity and Vulnerability

  • Building Trust in Culturally Diverse environment

  • Enabling Autonomy and Supporting Others

  • Being a Coach

LEAP 3.0 - Building Strategic Leadership 


While organizations want to build strategies, developing strategic leaders who can build those strategies and execute them is large forgotten.

Our program helps build Strategic Leadership by focusing on:

  • Creating Strategic Intent through Strategic Thinking & Growth Mindset

  • Developing Relationships through Customer Centricity & Client Management

  • Enabling execution through building Accountability and Leading Teams

Success stories
Leadership Assessments: We also help Assess your leaders across identified competencies using our comprehensive and multi-modal  LEAPAssess methodology followed by a detailed Individual report. The Assessments then can be used for focused development or for self-improvements. 

Featured Impact Stories

Customer Speak

Customer Speak

Sutherland Testimony

Milind Deshpande

VP, Sutherland Global

"We engaged with Effilor Consulting Services to help us with our journey of leadership transformation and cultural change. We have done 3 projects with them in these areas so far. We have found them to keenly understand our stated and un-stated needs and configure their solutions aligned to our needs and culture"

Tarosshini Datta

HR CoE, Novo Nordisk

Latest Thinking

Latest Thinking
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Driving Ownership
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Are you a Progressive Leader?
Leadership focus has clearly shifted from task management to output/outcome management. Leaders who are adept in managing remote teams will be the progressive leaders of the future!!

Reach out to us to know more about how we can help build a sustainable non-replicable competitive advantage by shaping and enhancing the problem solving mindset and capabilities of your talent.

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